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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 16, 2022
In Business Forum
There was no psychiatry in ancient times, and with interesting ancients one can only guess what was wrong with them. For example, Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty stipulated that the maids should wear open-crotch pants, and they also connected with animals; Sun Quan would drink and party at every turn, and often performed jokes that broke his belly. Disordered behavior does not represent ability, it just does not conform to social values. For example, Oda Nobunaga, who behaved out of order when he was young, was recognized as a fool. He is a fool, even after destroying Shu Han, he is still a fool. Why is everyone's evaluation of Deng Ai so harsh? Deng Aiyue was born in 197 in Yiyang County, Jingzhou. At that time, Jingzhou was rich in high IQ and low EQ eccentrics, and Deng Ai photo retouching was no exception. Wei Yan, who became a hot topic with the surprise attack on the Meridian Valley, was from the same hometown as Deng Ai, came from a poor family, and was excluded. Deng Ai was originally a citizen of Liu Bei. In 208, when the people of Jingzhou were caught in an illusion and fled after Liu Bei, Deng Ai, who had a strong brain wave, followed the trend and chose to belong to Cao Cao. After 55 years, he became a famous general who eliminated Shu Han. Deng Ai lost his father when he was young, and he and his mother worked as cattle herders in Runan County and Yingchuan County. Deng Ai, who was part-time and part-time student, worked hard to add talent, and he was recommended to be the Bachelor of Duwei, which is equivalent to the county and city secretary. Sir. However, Deng Ai suffers from stuttering, stammering and braised eggs. He can't speak well and still wants to be a Duwei bachelor? The interviewer rudely brushed off Deng Ai. With no
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Nayeem Ahmed

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